Antico Series

Antico Series

Get the classic look of travertine in these realistic porcelain tiles. Available in four pleasing, warm-toned colors.

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General Specifications – Matte Tile

descriptionmethodunit12 x 24
Actual Size mm – in300×600 mm – 11.84×23.6in
Thickness mm – in8.9 mm – 11/32 in
Water AbsorptionASTM C373 / EN ISO 10545-3( % )≤ 0.5
Abrasion ResistanceASTM C1027 / EN ISO 10545-7(PEI)4
Scratch Hardness (Mohs)9
Breaking StrengthEN ISO 10545-4(lbf)≥300
Chemical ResistanceEN ISO 10545-13(GL)Class A – Resistant
Frost ResistanceEN ISO 10545-12 Resistant
Static COF (Wet)ASTM C-1028(μ)
Static COF (Dry)ASTM C-1028(μ)≥ 0.60
DCOF (WET)ANSI B101.3(μ)< 0.42
Shade Variation  V2