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Our Calgary Tile Experts

Trista Hindes

Tile Enthusiast

Other than being a dog-mom, I love helping people build their dream homes. I have a keen eye for color and style. Just like my pup, I can run circles around our store sniffing out the perfect tile for your needs! I am so ready to nerd out over your house!

Connor Goodwin

Tile Enthusiast

I’m a former tile installer with a keen eye for detail. My creative flair inspires both design ideas and problem solving. I draw on my 6 years of installing experience daily while assisting my clients. I am in love with all things tile, and my wife is hopeful that one day, she will have a conversation with me that does not involve grout, Wedi, marble or travertine.

Sarah Brown

Showroom Manager

Everyday I get to do what I am passionate about – which is using my Interior Design certification to help my customers create beautiful spaces. In the odd chance I am not at the office, I have put on my “SuperMom Cape” and am either at the dance studio or chauffeuring my children around from one extra-curricular activity to the next. If you are looking for some design advice and or just a good chat over a latte I am the lady for you.

Chad Alexander

District Manager

Recipe for Chad: mix 1 part grumpy old man, 2 parts 16 year old school girl, 1 part overly serious professional boss, 2 parts designer, 1 part Dad, and lastly (but most importantly) 3 parts food/travel lover. Stir until all parts are thoroughly combined, but do not shake. I truly love working with all projects and can’t wait to work with you and use my 7+ years of experience to make it stress free. If my appointment slots are booked up, look for me at the nearest boutique bakery.

Angela Izzo

Architect and Design Rep

Call me MizAngiePantz. I’ve fallen in love with natural stone and tile, resulting in my dedicating the past 20+ years to working on different construction related projects. I use my degree with honours in Business & Sales/Marketing to forge key partnerships with Architect and Design firms across Calgary. To book an appointment with me, I ask that you be a representative from a Design firm—and I also ask that you don’t mention the age I just revealed.

Randy Rideout

Industry Sales Rep

I'm a tile enthusiast with 14+ years of industry experience. When I'm not admiring the beauty of our products, I enjoy spending time playing sports and checking things off on my wife's "honey-do-list". I work as an outside sales representative with all our industry partners. If you’re looking to stock your flooring store with our products, book an appointment with me so we can talk business!

Betsy Li

Tile Enthusiast

I am really excited to be a part of the company. We have a great work environment here and always put out customers first. I have a strong customer service background and enjoy working and meeting new people. Working here allows me to fulfill my passion of helping you build and style your dream home! I am fully fluent in Mandarin as well, so I am able to help customers with different cultural needs.