Best Backsplash Tile Store in Calgary and Edmonton!

Best Backsplash Tile Store in Calgary and Edmonton!

Fusion Clay Random Strip Glass Tile Mosaic installed on a backsplash

Backsplash tiles can range in shape, size, and style, offering a wide array of options to homeowners.  Installing a backsplash not only adds character and beauty, but also protects your walls from water damage and food spills.

Thinking about installing backsplash yourself? Watch this video from the DIY Network to give your work a professional polish.

Kitchen backsplash tiles are available in a wide range of materials, shapes, colours and sizes. There are so many options, that choosing your backsplash can sometimes be overwhelming. Begin by narrowing down the style you are looking for. Below you will find a brief description of options


Subway Tiles

Subway tiles are simple and versatile. We carry ceramic, porcelain, glass, metal and stone subway tiles. Choose from a variety of finishes, i.e. beveled or straight edge, matter or polished. Each material has a different look, and ultimately you need to pick the one that a) speaks to your unique likes/dislikes b) fits your budget and c) offers a cohesive look with the rest of your decor.

Part of what makes subway tiles an attractive choice is the ability to choose your backsplash tile pattern. Even a standard brick pattern has several design options. More creative installations include pinwheel, herringbone and parquet patterns.

Mosaic Backsplash Tiles

Mosaics have smaller-sized tiles arranged in simple or intricate patterns on a mesh sheet. The mesh sheets are typically cut to a 12″ x 12″ size, thus making complicated patterns easy to install.

An attractive mix of backsplash materials is an easy feat when choosing one of our mixed material mosaics. Or, choose from a mosaic with the same material throughout. Again the choice of material depends on your personal preference, budget and surrounding decor.

Large Format Tile Backsplash

Large format tiles are an increasingly popular choice in kitchen backsplash tiles, especially where there is a lot of backsplash area to cover. A simple 12″ x 12″ tile can be installed in a straight or diamond pattern. Standard 12″ x 24″ tiles can be installed in an array of patterns. Generally, these larger tiles are used for floors, and are therefore thicker than backsplash tiles; however, most backsplashes can accommodate the slightly thicker tile.

Why are floor tiles becoming a popular backsplash choice? Cost is a factor. Floor tiles are cheaper per square foot than backsplash tiles. The second reason is maintenance. If grout is not properly sealed, it can be a chore to clean and remove grease and food stains. Some people have bad experiences with poor-quality and improperly installed grout, so opt to lessen the grout lines in their kitchen.

Slab Backsplash

The height of luxury is in a full stone slab creating your backsplash. Our selection of thin-stone slabs in the Bolder Panels brand offers a variety of looks, including translucent, backlit onyx panels.

A thin stone slab backsplash has no grout. Attractive, natural stone patterns permeate the installation, and create a stunning focal point.

Our stone slabs are cut thin and mounted on a fiberglass or aluminium-polymer backing. The backing offers enough strength to prevent the stone from snapping, while keeping the large slab light. We advise using a skilled, professional contractor if you choose to use a Bolder Stone Panel for your kitchen or bathroom backsplash.

Although the plethora of backsplash tile options can be overwhelming, it helps to narrow down to the particular style of backsplash that speaks to you. If this article hasn’t helped in narrowing down your choices, browse Pinterest or Houzz, create idea boards of kitchens you like, and bring that in to one of our experienced sales representatives who will be more than happy to help you navigate the design and renovation process.

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